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Sup! Gustavo Gomez III is my name. I'm from the cold Midwest. MKE, WI. 22. Native American and Italian. MidwestLove. If I had something smart to say it would be right here.


REAL MADRID - new signings of 2014/15

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Thank you, Madara. You really are kindhearted.

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check out all of the characters stand alone on my fanart tumblr : http://veestrainingcamp.tumblr.com/

So I’ve been slowly working on this idea for 6 months hahah.. I was like “oh CARTOON NETWORK SHIPPUDEN ! that sounds cool. I’ll just make a lineup with (almost) every CN franchise and dress them as Naruto characters”. It makes no sense haha, but I had a lot of fun, and it taught me a lot as an artist to work with all these different styles.

I looked up prices to print out posters, and I found out I could print OK quality A2 size (33”x23”) and sell them for like 9$ (not including shipping). Would you be into that ? you should PM me if peeps are interested I’d totally do that :)

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Meeting again after moments or lifetimes is certain for those
who are friends.

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yo if naruto the last movie doesnt come to theaters here im going to start a riot

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